rat look right September 1999
Earthdog Trial
rat look left

Saturday, September 25 turned out to be a beautiful,warm and sunny fall day. I was all pysched up for the trial. Mom had decided that I would have a warm-up run in the Intro to Quarry class before the Junior class. Mom was really confident that I was going to do great. As soon as we got to the test site, I knew it was "Rat Time!" and got very excited. Mom waited patiently for the Intro to Quarry class started, while I bounced up and down in excitement. Finally, our turn came.
Starting Intro
So off came the collar.
At starting stakes
Mom placed me at the starting stakes.
Hoover's off!
When she let me go,
... I went straight to the judge and started digging at the rats. Oh no, Mom thought, and she went and picked me up and placed me by the tunnel entrance and I went right in and worked the rats wonderfully. When Mom came to get me out through the trapdoor, I had almost been able to get my head half way under the bars separating me from the rats.
Intro test done
It was so much fun!
I was very excited for the Junior test and really pulled to get to the test. Mom picked me up and took me to the starting stakes. I really struggled to get down and get the rats. Mom let me go at the starting stakes without saying a word. I shot like a bullet, straight into the tunnel. I raced through the tunnel to get to the rats. I dug and bit and even whined a little at the rats. Yeah!!! I made it. I qualified. My first Junior leg. Mom was so proud. Three other dogs qualified along with me on Saturday. It was a good day.
Junior leg ribbon
My first Junior leg ribbon.

Luckily for the us, Sunday was much cooler but still beautiful. I did the same as the day before. Like a bullet into the tunnel and worked the quarry like a demon. It was hard to believe that I had just earned my first title, Junior earthdog. It was a wonderful weekend, and a lot of fun.

Junior Title leg ribbon
My 2nd Junior leg, giving me the Junior Earthdog title.

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