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Running Free ...
Hoover charging
Hoover flying
I'm flying!
Hoover leaping
Look at me go!
Hov chasing Tad, 5 months
Tag! You are it!
Here are pictures of my new brother, Tad. He is a great dane. He made a great chew toy when he was little. I'm not so sure now. He just keeps growing. It is very odd. But I'm definately the boss around here. Here are some pictures of Tad and I when he first came home. Tad is 3 months old in these first couple pictures.

Hoover & Tad playfighting
Ha ha ha! I'm going to tear your throat out, Tad!
Hov & Tad play, What?
What? Oh, Hi Mom!
Hoover & Tad, 5 months
Here is Tad at 5 months.
Hoover & Tad, 8 months
Here is Tad at 8 months. See I told you he keeps growing.
Hoover playing with hedgehog
Look at me! I have a giant hedghog!
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